Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purging the Night


Can darkness, a lamp clutched in his hand
Masquerading as light, but destroying the land
Really be true? Really be right?
For he’s making us stumble, as thieves in the night.

Leaning out toward us, a smiling face
yet hiding his hands, for the blood that does lace
Back and forth on his palms - a frightening price
To pay for the time spent walking on ice.

The lies he does spin, the strangling threads,
Playing the spider, and leaving you dead.
Must escape from the strands, must sever the cords,
Hold fast, don’t give in, to his murdering sword.

Only one Light is true - the mimic is slain
When you turn from the lover, though he calls out your name.
He promises light, a sweeter version of life,
But you know he is lying, his heart full of strife.

The lies, the promises, the call to his side
Pulling us, drawing us, to his black mind to reside
In an abyss full of darkness - we can’t run on our own
For our souls are too weak to go it alone.

Calling and crying, to be free from this mask,
Preparing our hearts for the impossible task.
Impossible, yes, to our minds - not the Light’s,
Coming to answer our plea, an end now in sight.

Hope is now living, the rocks could cry out
Light rushes in with a trump and a shout.
Singing He comes, with conquering might
Probing, yet soothing, purging the night.

We joy in the Light, as he unchains us from sin
He sweeps us away from the tumultuous din
As His song fades to a hum, the battle is won
For the shadows are cleared by the light of the Sun

Though the Light frees us, we can’t leave it at that
To depart from His presence, it’s as if turning back
To the darkness we’ve fled, the pain we abhorred
Believing the righteous to be worse than the cords.

Must draw close to Him, must search out His heart
The journey’s not ended, we’re just at the start.
Some think salvation is all, there’s no need to impede
The habits formed while the Darkness pricked us to bleed.

If they continue in sin, so the Light comes around
To rescue again, that they might be found
Truly, who’s loosed from the bonds that once held?
Not they, for they cling to the chains of their Hell.

So throw off your shackles, and dance in the Light!
Enjoying the fragrance of precious, good right.
Sing in joy, for you’re ransomed, no more shame does hide
In the midst of your heart - just draw to His side. 

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